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A trip to London is just not complete without a visit to the venerable British Museum. Opened in 1759, the British museum was the first public museum in the world and remains one of the most popular museums in the world even today. Its collection of over 8 million objects is the largest in existence and covers comprehensively the story of human culture from our humble beginnings in Africa two millions years ago to the present. Some of the must-see treasures at the British museum include the Rosetta Stone, the Parthenon marbles, the Assyrian lion-hunt reliefs, the Sutton Hoo mask and many, many more.

With such a large and exhaustive collection a handy guide can make the trip both enlightening and less exhausting for you. The award-winning Vusiem App guide for the British museum is the most comprehensive app for the museum. Available on the Apple, Google and Amazon app stores, the app comes with a whole lot of features and information to make your day out at the museum a memorable one.

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