Top museums you can visit virtually

Coronavirus has brought many changes to our life already. There are changes in the way we eat out, travel and goto new places, meet people and marvel at art. Most museums are closed or have substantially restricted viewings. Even if they were open, it is difficult to travel to the city where the museum is, thanks to the fickle travel restrictions.

What is an art-lover or and history-buff to do? Despair not. As they saying goes, when one door closes, another door of opportunity opens. Many museums that have closed their doors to the public have opened their doors on the internet. We take a look at some of the top ones and list them out here for you to enjoy. Happy couch-surfing!

British Museum Virtual Gallery

Our #1 favourite is the British Museum. It is the largest indoor presence on Google streetview. Accessing it is as easy as getting into google maps and searching for british museum and clicking through!! Ofcourse, nothing beats being present in the soft ambience light at the great court of the museum and ambling through the museum in leisure. But, the google streetview comes close in being able to create an easy and frictionless experience.

If you want to get going right off, this Egyptian Gallery at the British Museum is a good place to start from. Use the controls within the map to orient yourselves and move virtually through the museum.

You could also use the Google Arts & Culture site to virtually brose through the museum. However, browsing with the streetmaps above is a bit easier.

British Museum Google streetview

You can also download our Vusiem Visitor guide app to the British museum for an indepth tour through important aspects of the collection.

Virtual tours at the Louvre

Usually there are 15000 visitors said to visit the Louvre each day during normal times. But these are not normal times. Currently the museum remains closed and is expected to open soon. But even then, it is expected that there will be severe restrictions currently around visiting the Louvre museum.

However, let that not deter you from visiting the museum, albeit virtually. Louvre has made a few ‘virtual tours’ available online. However, these are not as slick and user-friendly as the above virtual tour of the British Museum, which is hosted on Google Maps street view. However, they still help give you an idea of the immensity and wonder that is the Louvre. For a better experience, ofcourse, nothing beats walking down the Parisian streets, entering through the glass pyramid and examining the Winged victory of Samothrace from close quarters. But till then, you can get access to Louvre’s virtual tours here

Mini-tour of the breathtaking Apollo Gallery at the Louvre. (Note, you would need to allow Adobe flash to run in your browser! Click Allow when it asks you for permissions.)

Virtual tour of Apollo Gallery at the Louvre

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Capitoline museum

Rome is home to the oldest museum complex in the world - the Capitoline museums. Established as early as 1471, these group of museums house an exquisite collection of ancient Roman art, including statues, frescoes and bronzes through history.

Given the difficult situation in Italy and restrictions around public gatherings and tourism, it is unlikely that you might be considering a personal trip to the museum. In its absence, we would suggest a great alternative. You would need a desktop to access this virtual tour on your browser (and also allow Adobe Flash Player!)

Capitoline museum virtual tour

Virtual Tour of the Capitoline Museum

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Musee d’Orsay

The starry nights of Paris are something to be experienced in person. Strolling lesiurely on a starlit night on the banks of the Seine, with the distant glimmer of the memorably-lit Eiffer tower is a vision that will etch itself in your memories for a lifetime. But sadly enough if you are not a Parisian, such walks are going to be rare for sometime. May we offer you a virtual tour of Van Gogh’s Starry night at the Musee d’Orsay instead?

Just like the British museum, the virtual tour of the Musee d’Orsay has also been hosted on Google Maps and available as a street view.

Enjoy your virtual couchsurfing through the breathtaking rooms of the Orsay museum.

For more details insights on the artists, the masterpieces at the Orsay and the different genres of art at the museum, you can download our Vusiem visitor guide to the Musee d’Orsay from the Apple, Google or Amazon app stores.

Last edited on : April 6, 2020