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A trip to London is just not complete without a visit to the venerable British Museum. Opened in 1759, the British museum was the first public museum in the world and remains one of the most popular museums in the world even today. Its collection of over 8 million objects is the largest in existence and covers comprehensively the story of human culture from our humble beginnings in Africa two millions years ago to the present. Some of the must-see treasures at the British museum include the Rosetta Stone, the Parthenon marbles, the Assyrian lion-hunt reliefs, the Sutton Hoo mask and many, many more.

With such a large and exhaustive collection a handy guide can make the trip both enlightening and less exhausting for you. The award-winning Vusiem App guide for the British museum is the most comprehensive app for the museum. Available on the Apple, Google and Amazon app stores, the app comes with a whole lot of features and information to make your day out at the museum a memorable one.

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Planning a day at the museum?

The venerable British museum, founded in 1753 is the oldest public museum in the world, so old that it predates the founding of the USA! If you are visiting this awe-inspiring museum, here are some handy info, tips and links that might help you make best use of your time at the museum.

Is there an Entrance Fees

The entrance to the museum is free. Yes, absolutely free. Zilch. Zip. Nada charges. Just like the original trustees of the great museum intended. Special exhibitions are usually charged, though.

What is the best time to visit?

Late afternoons. Usually, the museum is crowded in the mornings with the peak around noon time. If you are going at 10, be ready to wait awhile in the long queues at the entrance. Weekdays, particularly mid-week, are marginally less crowded than the weekends. Late afternoon on a Friday would be a good idea as the museum is open till late (8PM) on Fridays.

Best way to get by Public transport?

Tottenham Court Road station is your best bet. Alternately, Holborn, Russell street and Goodge street are also good options with a 5-10 minute walk. Bicycles are available on hire usually outside the tube stations in case you want to conserve your energies for the walk inside the museum. It is a frightfully bad idea to try to drive down to the museum and try to find parking nearby.

What are the top things to see at the British museum?

It is easy to get lost in the vastness of the British museum and miss out on the absolute unmissables. Here is our list of the unmissables at the British museum:
  • Rosetta Stone
  • Assyrian Lionhunt Reliefs
  • Parthenon Marbles
  • Lewis Chessmen
  • Sutton Hoo helmet
  • Oxus treasure
  • Hoa Hakananai’a - Easter Island statue
  • Colossal head of Amenhotep III
One good tip would be to download the Vusiem British Museum Guide App onto your phone before you visit using the download link at bottom of the page (or in your favourite appstore). It will not only help you cover all the important artefacts at the museum but also save you quite a penny when compared to the audio guides available at the museum. Our blog about some of the most important objects at the museum is also worth a read.

Is there Bag storage/ Left luggage at the museum?

Lugging around large bags anywhere is difficult, leave alone in the cramped spaces at the museum. The museum does offer a handy baggage storage facility, for a fee. However, remember that the maximum weight they accept is around 15 Kgs. For larger items, there are several alternate options you can consider. The best options are online sites like Stasher , Luggagehero etc which have conveniently located storage points very nearby to the museum for a reasonable fee. The other option is to store it at the left luggage facility at the Euston station, which is a 10 minute walk away from the museum.

Which are the other Top museums of London?

Done with the British museum already? If you want to keep walking and tackle other museums in London, here are the top museums you must consider. National Gallery is a must-see for art and painting connoisseurs. The Natural History Museum is an absolute delight for children and adults alike. V&A museum houses a rare and eclectic collection of artworks from around the world.

What are some interesting facts about the British Museum?

Here are some interesting facts that you might be tickled to know about the British museum.
  • Several movies have been shot at the museum, such as Alfred Hitchcock's Blackmail (1929) to the more recent Night at the museum: secret of the tomb (2014.)
  • Over 6 million come to visit the museum every year. That makes it UK’s most popular attraction, more than the Tate or the National Gallery!
  • The most popular exhibit ever at the museum was when an ancient boy-king came visiting from Egypt. In 1972, when the tomb of Tutankhamun was displayed at the British museum, nearly 2 million people stood patiently in queues to have a glimpse of one of the most famous faces in history.
  • For more such interesting information about the museum and its treasures, check out some of our blogs in the related posts section.

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