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Vusiem has selected more than 600 objects for you to see at London's most famous attraction. It is the most comprehensive collection outside the Museum's website. Objects are provided with an image, an exact location on the map, a detailed description, associated search tags and related wikipedia links. There is no wifi at the Museum. So, everything is preloaded for you and no connection is required post download. Here is what you can do with this amazing app

  • Planning to visit the British Museum ? Get the virtual experience of being in a room or gallery even before you get here !
  • Are you in a hurry? The Top 20 or History 100 tours are perfect for you
  • The top 200 tour features all the objects from the official audio guide
  • Do you know what you are looking for? Use search to find out where they are at the Museum
  • When browsing at home, select any interesting objects you want to see in your next visit, on the favorites tour!
  • Take the history quiz
  • Share interesting objects on your favorite social network
  • A very simple, intuitive and easy to use application that is loaded with facts and features to make your visit enjoyable and memorable! British Museum is massive with millions of objects on display. No matter what your agenda is, Vusiem will help you make the most of your day.

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