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London is home to some of the finest museums and galleries of the world and what better way to tour them other than through the vusiem smartphone app? With the vusiem app in your pocket, rest assured, you have a reliable app with all the information in one place that is easily accessible on your device. You can hope to get an answer to all your questions and also enjoy an immersive experience and gain an in depth knowledge,  a combination of features that is hard to beat!

The apps are packed with an incredible range of information such as fully interactive maps, virtual walks and top tours. Whether you are enjoying from home or visiting these museums in person, vusiem is the best way to get an expert and well researched guidance on these London museums. Room by room guidance is available right on your device – smartphone or tablet. Unlike the audio guides that need to be returned at the museum, these apps are yours forever. Download and enjoy!




Go on and download these apps! Hundreds of objects are waiting to be explored..


Excellent APP ~ easy to use, full of great photos and extensive background information

Pangxiaodi Indonesia

Totally enjoyed the high resolution paintings with superb descriptions and related tours. Keep up the good work.

Polojam77 United Kingdom

This is a really great app. Lots to photos and plenty to read. Great for kids too.

HollyBerry20 United Kingdom

Web Developer, Link

Excellent app, very informative. Educational.

ChamCham64 China

Product Manager

Downloaded it after trying their app for british museum. Must say that i am thoroughly impressed.

MintoMan United Kingdom

Impressive app that really enhances the visitor experience at the BM. Would Love to see this idea spread to other museums

K-D Lewis